Title Bar Scroller

This will change the tab title and the favicon of the store in order to grab the attention of the user. This will trigger once the user has added an item to the cart.

1. Enable/Disable the module on store front. If its disabled the module will have no effect on storefront.
2. Text that will be scrolled after the user have added an item in cart and left the tab for the time set in step 3.
3. Delay time for the title to be changed after the user has left the cart after adding an item to cart.
4. Fav icon for the tab, that will be changed along side with text.
5. Try on the storefront before enabling it, so that you can see the result. If you are satisfied only then enable it.
6. Save the changes so that the feature is enabled on storefront. Note that: it will only be enabled on storefront after you have saved the changes.
7. Preview area for the title bar, it will be changed on run time as you change the settings, to have a better idea of how will it look.