Stats on dashboard

This is all about the important stats that a user needs to know about the store and application and how the application is benefiting the store.

1. It shows the total number of emails sent in the last 30 days.
2. It shows the recovered revenue in the last 30 days. Recovered revenue is the one which I recovered through the application campaigns or without it, it would be lost revenue.
3. It shows the revenue which is not recovered. It will include all the abandoned carts or checkouts which are created in the last 30 days.
4. This is the graph for customer activity on your store including window shoppers, actual customers and customers who left on the checkout process.
5. It shows the total carts tracked by the application and then how many are recovered and how many are still pending to be recovered.
6. It shows how many campaigns are there on your application and how many of them are in active state and how many are in in-active state.
7. It shows how many emails are sent out from the application and how many of them are delivered to customers, how many are opened by the customer and how many Checkout links are clicked by the customers.