GDPR Banner

We care about your customers privacy and data so for that reason the gdpr banner will take the user permission to use cookies on the storefront.

1. Enable/Disable the module on store front. If its disabled the module will have no effect on storefront.
2. Message body for the GDPR banner that will be shown on the storefront.
3. Text for the button that will be shown with the GDPR banner for user to dismiss the banner.
4. Background color for the GDPR banner.
5. Background color for the GDPR banner button.
6. Text color for the GDPR banner button.
7. Padding around the GDPR banner.
8. Try before enabling it, so that you can see the result. If you are satisfied only then enable it.
9. Save the changes so that the feature is enabled on storefront. Note that: it will only be enabled on storefront after you have saved the changes.