• How many email will I get in the free version?

    You will get 200K emails for free after you subscribe for the paid plan. After the free email subscription is over you will be reverted back to the free package.

  • Is there any limit to the number of abandoned carts tracking?

    The abandoned carts tracking is unlimited.

  • When will a cart be considered as abandoned?

    If there is no activity from the user for the time admin set in the settings section of the store on a specific cart, then that cart will be considered as abandoned.

  • So the e-mail will be sent immediately afterwards?

    The campaign will be assigned to the abandoned cart after 30 minutes but the emails will be dispatched according to the time admin set in the campaign.

  • When does the customer receive the email after the campaign is sent?

    It depends on the server queue, but normally you can expect a delay of around 5 minutes maximum not more than that.

  • What is the level of email customization SaleSpark provides?

    Email can be customized as the need of the user. SaleSpark provides drag and drop editor for the emails. So you can customize easily according to your needs.

  • Does SaleSaprk provides any analytics?

    SaleSpark provides different kinds of analytics like number of customers on store, emails sent, revenue recovered etc. Many more analytics and reporting will be added in the future.

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