Customer listing

All of the customers of your stores will be listed on this page. You can search a customer, see how much a customer is spending on your store and many more actions.

1. This is the search form for customer listing and it will search the customer by name.
2. This is to change how many records you need to see on a page. Default is 10 records per page.
3. This will show the customer name and last order date on your store.
4. This will show how many direct orders are placed by the customer on your store. Direct sales means the orders on which no campaign is run.
5. This will show the number of recovered carts for a specific customer on your store.
6. This will show the recovered revenue from the customer on your store. Recovered revenue means the carts on which the campaign ran and user completes the order by clicking the link from the email.
7. This will show the number of abandoned cart or checkouts and their cumulative value as abandoned amount.